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"Taubah or Metanoia" and "Baptejo (Baptize) or Shaktipaat"

"Taubah" or "Metanoia"
If you have a problem identifying our Hero with Jesus the Christ, or Isa, the Prophet - then let us just call him Yuzu Asaph. Asaph means "The Gatherer". He came to Kasmir, as the Kashmiris believe, to gather the Children of God and lead them back to the Godhead,to the divine source within. He came to show us all the way to Taubah - the Way Back to the Self. The word "Taubah" would later be translated as "Metanoia" in Greek, which still keep the same meaning. But, later when translated as "Repentance" in English, it lost its meaning.

Taubah or Metanoia indicates the soul's return journey. It is the journey from the "little self" to "The Self". When you do wrong, it is not enough that you repent. But, as the Great Teacher Himself once said, "You must not repeat the same mistake..."

Sins is reversible.

Sins are like mistakes. One can learn from the past mistakes and decide not to repeat them...." Go within; see how pure you are... The layer of dirt outside are concealing the beauty, purity and sanctity inside - all must be cleaned, cleansed.

"You don't have to be pure, for you are already pure. You don't have to be holy, for you are already holy. You don't have to do anything to sanctify your soul, for your soul is sanctified by the Holy Spirit every moment."


"Baptejo (Baptize)" or "Shaktipaat"

"Baptize" is a distortion of "baptejo". It is a combination of three words: Ba, an abbreviation of Bhagavan, meaning Divine, Apah meaning Water, and Teja meaning Energy or Light.

Baptejo is an ancient Initiation Ritual,very common in the East. In this particular ritual, a spiritual seeker must go through the cleansing process, for which water is symbolically used, the charged with spiritual energy, for which a qualified master is required. This is the ritual that Jesus had to go through, in which John the Baptist, posed as the living master to charge him with the energy He would require for his work in Jerusalem. John, the baptist didn't initiate Jesus in the spiritual Science. For that, our Jesus had gone through several initiations and attunements while in the Himalayas. While baptizing people before Jesus - he was actually preparing them to be able to hear Jesus' message. Thus, John played a very important role in the ministry of our Hero.

But, for now we must go back to Saint Thomas and his wonderful prayer - An important part of the sacred ritual. In Sanskrit it is called "Shaktipaat" - the discharge of power. It is much more powerful than the normal ritual of Baptejo. In this process, which Thomas had learnt from his guru, our Hero Yeshu, or Jesus, Isa or Yuzu Asaph - the initiate is not only recharged with energy, but enveloped with power. The guru discharges it, and the disciple receives it in gratitude.

Our Hero was also known as a Great Healer. He was the greatest among the healers. He not only healed the body, but also brought the wavering mind back to its center, to the realm of the soul within - and the soul then realized its destiny.

Christ of Kashmiris, Anand Krishna, page 158-159

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