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Mary Magdalene or Mary Magadhi...!

Mary, His spiritual consort whom he very lovingly began calling Magadhi - from Magadh.

Magadh, then was one of the important kingdoms in the Indian Subcontinent. The people of Magadh were beautiful. They were the first to adopt the republican system of government. Theirs was the first true democracy in the written history of modern india, which is also no less than 2500 years old.

Buddha very frequently visited the kingdom of Magadh during his travels, so did our Hero... perhaps, in the foot steps of the Awakened One. When he went back to Jerusalem, He carried back those sweet memories of Magadh. He carried back many stories from Magadh. Especially one name associated with Magadh and the neighboring kingdom of Vaishali, that of the courtesan Amrapali - remained with Him.

Amrapali, the courtesan, was the first woman disciple of Buddha. The Buddhist historians however,deprived her of that identity, title and privilege. A courtesan as the first woman disciple - it was a bit too much. So, although they acknowledge her as Buddha's disciple - the honor of being the first woman disciple was "transferred" to Buddha's stepmother who was also his aunt, Queen Prajapati.

Amrapali was also the first disciple - not only the first woman disciple, but the first disciple - to build a vihara, a place to rest for the Buddha and his followers. The famous vihara at Sarnath near Varanasi or Benaras - was commissioned by her.

The Awakened One had seen her soul and he was very much delighted at the progress she made - the unawake followers could only see her body - the body of a courtesan - and they were not very happy with the kind of attention she received from their Master. Unaffected by public opinion however, Amrapali moved ever closer and closer to Buddha... nearer and nearer to her own Buddha-hood.

Jesus, our Hero, was moved by the story of Amrapali... Later, He would find his own Amrapali in Maria... So, He called her Magadhi... Church historians would like us to believe that Magdalene was the same as Bethany. No, it was not. Mary Magdalene is Mary "Magadhi" - who lived in the small town of Bethany.

Christ of Kashmiris, Anand Krishna, page 183-186

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Linda Vogt Turner mengatakan...

This is a very interesting Blog. Many people read the stories and the myths based upon the True Story of the Woman Called the Magdalene and her relationship to Jesus the Travelling Teacher wondering whatever happened to the Woman called Magdalene. Personally, I think the Woman called "Mary" was a Magadhi...a Woman who was dear to the heart of Buddhists and their Pali Magadhi. As for Bethany, I suspect that Bethany is a name meaning the house (beth) of Anna (any) because before the Cross, Jesus was anointed in the house of Anna (Bethany) and after the Resurrection, Jesus ascended into the the house of Anna. Anna means Grace. If you would like to read more about what I believe about the Woman called the Magdalene, please visit my website Https://