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The hidden story of three magis.

The story of three wise men from the east, the three magis or majus, the three kings, some even call them the three shepherds, perhaps meaning the three nomads...

Nomads, yes, I like the term... nomads indeed, we were. We had been looking for signs, sign on earth and in the skies. We followed the age old tradition of carrying various items belonging to three different masters who had left their bodies in the last 500 years.

I was carrying with me, an old worn out robe of the Awakened One, the Buddhas. My chinese friend was carrying a copy of Tao Teh Ching, a compilation of some of the teachings of Lao Tze, the Greatest Mind ever born in China. Similarly, our Egyptian friend had a very fine replica of the Great Temple of Giza, now mistaken as just another pyramid and tomb, a great one though, greatest of all.

Now, this is very interesting...

Both, the robe and the book were in the boxes, separate boxes. Mine was an Indian rosewood box with rare germs and ivory inlaid. My Chinese friend's was a reddish looking lacquered box with mother of pearl inlaid. It was our Egyptian friend who did not have any covering for the replica of the Pyramid he was carrying. Finely crafted in gold with crystal top, the replica had diamonds and other glittering gems on each side where the energies of the Pyramid were at their highest level.

We presented all those items to the divine child....A long with musk oil and myrrh perfume, choicest incense, silks and some other gifts... It was not the night of His birth of course, it was several months later, when the child was almost a year old... The divine child immediately approached the rosewood box and tried opening with His small hands... We shed tear of joy... We knew His messiah... as savior of the world...

Later One of the three nomads (The Nomad from India) was blessed with a special role to play, to facilitate and help in The Savior's Mission where He spent almost 17 years (The Lost Years of Jesus Christ) to travel, to go further east, to learn, to study the teachings of the Buddhas and the Avatars of previous times.

Christ of Kashmiris, Anand Krishna, page 173-174

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