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Mary Magdalene, The Jesus'Childhood Fiance

The Savior was "only" twelve, but to the tribe in which he was born, he was already twelve. Boys of that age got engaged to girls chosen by their parents. And the Savior's father too had chosen a girl for his son. She was eleven then. The engagement ceremony was fixed for the next day. And The Savior had to make it clear to his mother that his engagement and ceremony were not part of his destiny. He had to travel, to go further east, to learn, to study... for 17-18 years.

He was finally 30 when He finally got back to his homeland. His mother and siblings rejoiced, even though they knew that he was no longer theirs alone, that He belonged to the whole world, the entire universe.

Then one day, by chance, he met his childhood fiance. And he was pained to see her trading her body for some silver. Her parents had died leaving her with a younger brother and sister to take care of. The "man" within him cried. He held himself responsible for their misfortune. Naturally therefore, they become the first recipients of his grace. They became his first followers. They were the first souls to be saved.

The savior did not mind coming down to their level to lift them up. He did not mind getting dirty for them. Criticism did not matter, "These are the very people I have come for. The sick, the poor and the down trodden - they need him more than anybody else"

It was very risky and dangerous. Moreover the criticism was not doing any good. The Savior's reputation was at stake. Why was He, then, so engrossed in saving one little soul - an ex-fiance? Moreover, in saving that one soul, he could be rejected by the masses. But the Savior went on with his work, undisturbed by whatever people said about him.

One of the Savior's own blood brothers, one of his siblings, thought the same way. Indeed, most of his inner and innermost circle thought that way.

In the meantime, those in power, head of religious institutions and puppet rulers working under instructions from foreign masters had their own fears too. They were afraid of the Savior's popularity. They were afraid that he would unite the people to revolt against the establishment. Of course the Savior had no such intention, "Let the worldly take care of the world, I come to take care of your soul."

The head of religious institutions blamed the savior for destroying all that they considered holy. They believed in the holiness of timeworn creeds. The Savior believed in holiness itself. They considered doctrines and dogmas as divine and place them above man. Our Savior placed Divinity above all else. But in the same breath, the Savior also added that man was also divine. The earth, the sky, the mountains and the valleys, the sun, moon and stars, trees and animals all were divine.

In their fear, finally they decided to kill the savior. Their creed allowed such killing in the name of religion. The rest of the story is known to all of us. Without any fair trial, he was put behind bars and finally hanged on the cross.

Who was there beside the Savior on that day ? Only three faces - Three ladies. One was his mother, the Blessed Woman who bore him. The other was the woman deeply in love with him, his ex-fiance. And the third was his fiance's sister.

One of the Three Nomads,busy bribing the soldiers on guard. That afternoon we could get the Savior's body, which was thought to be dead by the others. Actually he wasn't dead. He was in deep coma. It took Him three days to come out of the coma. His message of Love, Peace and Harmony that He came to convey, was conveyed already. He was to enter another phase of His life. A life of seclusion in the Himalayas, the mountains he loved and longed to go back to.

Those three women and a handful of other innermost cirlce members then accompanied him to the himalayas, where He spent rest of his life on earth.

Mary Magdalene was no common being, whom he very lovingly began calling Magadhi. Mary Magdalene is Mary "Magadhi" - who lived in the small town of Bethany. She is actually the Manifestation of Maha Maya - The World Mother, the Mother of the universe - The Immortal Mother of all being, the Eternal Consort of the Unmanifest, who can only manifest when she intervenes and wills. She is the power of kundalini of the yogis. She is the Christ Consciousness of Jesus. She is the Shakti, the Primal Energy of the Universe. it was her manifestation as Mary which came later,whom we saw taking birth after Jesus (One years later after Jesus was born).

Why did our Hero leave her and travel to the east? Why couldn't He see the fulfillment of His destiny in her? These and many other whys can only be answered, if we discover Maya in Mary. Maya is Illusion; Maha Maya is the Greatest Illusion.

We are deluded by maya, by Illusion.... Our Hero is about to embark on the path of liberation from all illusions because of the will of Maha Maya. Maya deludes, Maha Maya liberates us from all illusions and delusions.

The greatest illusion is the peak of all illusions... Upon reching that peak we realize that there is nothing at the peak. It is total nothingness up there. At the same time, we also get to see the nature of all things below. She is the Eternal "No", the eternal nothingness, in which all things are found. All Yes-es and Amen-s are but appearing and disappearing, manifesting and unmanifesting on Her Will.

Soul Quest, Anand Krishna, page 112-118

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